Turn any CSS framework into your own utilities in bulk?


Is there a way to turn any CSS framework into your own utilities in bulk? Or So people can start sharing.

Also, take advantage of CSS custom property for color, spacing, font size etc.

Elementor has took this step for colors. Maybe it is a great selling point.

Could you provide the URL for the Elementor feature for the colors?

Hi @suabahasa

Sure. Here you got it: global font and colors.

For the global color, I think the feature already available on Oxygen Builder, Global Colors | Oxygen - The Visual Site Builder for WordPress (oxygenbuilder.com)

To my limited knowledge, I think It is different from browser inspection tool. Elementor use CSS custom property. Are they the same since I change global color from Oxygen, it change everywhere. But Oxygen doesnt use custom property, do they? Thank you.

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Post from 21st May - you could set your colors in the global stylesheet and then use the names that will work for color picker setting - Facebook Gruppen

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