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also Asura: Creating API Credential for Connector plugin

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What is OxyNinja Core?

OxyNinja Core is an importable design set for Oxygen Builder with one major feature that sets it apart from the rest. On top of the usual pre-built sections that you're accustomed to finding in a design-set, you get the "OxyNinja Core Framework", which is a CSS framework that can completely change your Oxygen workflow if you choose to take advantage of it.

What is OxyNinja WooCore?

WooCore is the most complete WooCommerce Design Set that will save your time building WordPress based e-commerce with Oxygen Builder.

Design sets & addons for Oxygen Builder professionals

Empower yourself with Oxygen design sets and addons for Oxygen Builder crafted by OxyNinja, and start saving time instantly. OxyNinja's ultimate goal is to improve the workflow of fellow freelancers and web design agencies.

What Included in WooCore ?

Core Framework

WooCore includes the base Core framework to help you build out the rest of your WooCommerce pages fast and easy. The experience stays consistent and fast across a whole website.

17 Full Templates

We did the hard work for you, so you can start using pre-designed and ready to use homepages, archives, single product templates, and full member pages right away.

One Plugin

Core and WooCore. Two robust products but only one plugin is enough to run them both. Include your design set key in the Oxygen settings and let the plugin do the import of selectors & stylesheets.

Hello to the lost community, fellas!

Today, I will introduce you to a cool oxygen builder tool that you must have to make your development faster... faster.. and faster... and left the Elementor, Divi, and Beaver far behind


What is nimbufy?

Nimbufy 2 for Oxygen is a Chrome extension. It is not a WordPress plugin.

nimbufy for oxygen builder

Nimbufy lets you reverse engineer HTML on any webpage into an editable format of Oxygen builder for WordPress. It can convert any webpage into an Oxygen builder for WordPress. Convert elementor, divi, any page builder, or static websites to Oxygen. The CSS gets auto optimized during the import.

seems cool right? 😎

Lets watch nimbufy in action 🎥

Too good to be true?

Here is an attempt to clear your doubts, until you see it in action yourself.

  1. Really? Does it convert HTML to *whatever oxygen use*?
    Yes. That is exactly what it does. It gets you any HTML layout along with complete styling, into Oxygen Builder. Where you can edit it or customize it the way you like.
  2. Does it import JavaScript as well?
    No, the system is tuned only for the HTML/CSS and does not involve Javascript.
  3. What does it cost?
    The Nimbufy plugin itself is free to install. This plugin acts as a client to connect to the Nimbufy service in a secure way. The service is used to convert the HTML data into oxygen format. You pay a very nominal price only for the data that you convert.
  4. How are the charges calculated for the Nimbufy usage?
    Whenever you issue a request for converting any layout to Oxygen, 1/15th the size of data to be processed in Kilobytes that the Nimbufy server receives is deducted from your account. The data estimate button on the Nimbufy popup provides you an accurate measurement of the expected credits to be used for a particular request
  5. Will I be charged for the size of the Images, in a given layout?
    No, the images are never a part of the Oxygen Data. It contains only the links to the images involved, but direct images are not downloaded. So, you will never be charged for the size of the linked images.
  6. How many credits would be consumed to convert one page into Oxygen Builder, using Nimbufy?
    A regular web page can take anywhere between 200 Kbs to 2000 Kbs (basic to very complicated pages) if solely built using Nimbufy. The additional benefit comes from the fact that you need to convert a block only once, and then you can save it as a reusable or in the block library in order to use it later. Please watch videos posted on the Nimbufy Facebook Page to have a better idea of how many KBs usually such requests cost.

Get it now at https://portal.nimbufy.com

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What is Asura?

Asura : the #1 WordPress plugin for selling design sets built with Oxygen Builder